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Mix and match between ready-to-hang wall placards and floor targets for a custom solution that suits your space. Floor targets are rubber-backed, anti-slip mats that allow you to place AR characters almost anywhere in your office. Wall murals create an immersive experience for young patients. From your reception area to your treatment rooms, VIVARRA creates a sense of wonderment as the child interacts with characters who pop out of your walls to weave fun and games together with patient education.
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Wall Placards
VIVARRA wall placards are 18" in diameter and feature high-resolution printing onto a rigid ½" PVC board, then cut in to fun shapes. They mount to your wall using a ½" cleat (hardware included), giving our placards a slight floating effect and allowing you to easily swap one design for another.

Floor Targets
VIVARRA floor targets are circular walk-on floor mats that are 22” in diameter and the approximate thickness of a quarter. The high-resolution print is sandwiched between two layers of material for extra durability, while the underside is treated with an anti-slip rubber backing. The end result is a product that can be used on floors of all types, will stay where you placed it, and also allows you to easily move floor targets around your practice as desired.
Additional Wall Placards and Floor Targets and be purchased at any time as add-ons to the above packages.
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Wall Murals
Included in the above package is 25 linear feet of mural on a 10 foot tall wall, or 250 square feet of mural coverage. Murals can be installed on one large wall, or divided into up to 3 sections for installation onto separate walls. Additional mural square footage can be purchased at an additional charge.
Prior to installation, we dispatch a local 3M certified technician to completed a site survey on our behalf. The VIVARRA creative team then curates the mural design to suit the unique size and shape of your wall(s). Once you have approved the final design, the mural is printed using latex ink – the most environmentally friendly option – and laminated for added durability. The same 3M certified technician then returns to install the mural in your office.

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