aug·men·ted re·al·i·ty


When digital information, such as data, graphics, and 3D animations, are superimposed into your view of your environment to create an enhanced experience of the world around you. Known as 'AR' for short.


The best way to use technology to engage and educate your patients!

Designed with Your Patients and Parents in Mind



The app is a FREE download for your patients from the App Store and Google Play - just search for 'VIVARRA Dental.'


The app is skinned to match your office and branding, including your logo, colours, and contact details - it even includes an interactive Google Map for directions to your office.


AR is one of the hottest new technologies to emerge and smartphones are being designed with enhanced AR capabilities.


The app includes links out to your social media accounts, while the built-in photo feature helps generate rich content, ready to be shared.


The app includes two-minute brushing timers that patients and their parents can use at home to help ensure they spend enough time focused on each area of the mouth.


You and your staff have access to the VIVARRA help desk for technical support any time, at no charge.

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Entertain & Educate Your Patients


As patients explore the scenes with a mobile device, characters in the décor or murals spring to life, providing an engaging and interactive experience that weaves together fun and games with patient education. These experiences help capture the imagination and serve to displace anxiety that can build while junior patients are waiting to be seen by the doctor or dentist.

From jokes and fun interactive games to educational experiences that touch on healthy habits and good hygiene, the Virtual Characters are always eager to deliver content that gives you one more ingredient for crafting an unmatched patient experience.

Because AR is both engaging and interactive, retention level is improved compared to traditional ‘sit and watch’ delivery. It also allows for the education component of a patient visit to be delivered in a place other than in-chair, freeing the chair for the next patient, resulting in improved patient turnover rates. These messages can be delivered at home, school, or out in the community by providing patients and their parents with take-home content that carries the magic beyond their appointment.

Grow Your Social Media Presence


An active social media presence is crucial to growing and maintaining your practice. Included in the app is the ability for patients to take a photo with the cast of virtual characters within your office. Each time a photo is taken, your office logo and slogan is added to the image, helping you reach an expanded audience whenever a picture is shared on social media.

VIVARRA becomes a focal point of your story when introducing patients to your practice. As they go on to share their experience on social media, Augmented Reality gives patients and their parents an exciting reason to talk about your practice.

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